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About us

The DomaineM winery was established in 2015 in the small South Moravian town of Miroslav, located in the Znojmo wine region. Our main idea is to create a completely unique wine that reflects the terroir of our local vineyards. We focus on sustainability because we believe, we have to protect what our ancestors left us.

Climate and soil

As the old winegrowing saying goes: Wine is made in a vineyard. Our vineyards are located on the famous wine hill Weinperky. It is located on a hillside and has a southwestern exposure. The foundation of every wine is the soil from which the vineyard takes its strength. The local subsoil is based on the so-called Miroslav conglomerate, which was formed by the flow of an ancient river. It consists of many different minerals such as shale, quartz, but also finer sediments. The local climate is dry and warm. The average temperature here is 8.7 ° C and the average annual precipitation reaches 230-300 mm. These conditions are perfect for local varieties such as Grüner Veltliner, Müller Thurgau and Neuburger.

Work in the vineyard

In vineyards, we always work with an emphasis on handwork and respect for nature. Proof of stability of the local ecosystem is the occurrence of the endangered Ground Squirrel, which is not common in the area around and which has found its home in our vineyards. Thanks to that, we were awarded the Ground squirrel award by ALKA Wildlife organization. In the proximity of our vineyards, we can also find endangered plant species, such as Illyrian buttercup, meadow passerine, and military orchid.

Natural wines

We process only grapes from our own vineyards. We select only the best and ripest. The production of natural wines means harmony with nature, not desire to control it. We interfere in the process of creating our wines as little as possible to achieve maximum authenticity. Our wine is fermented in containers without the use of artificially added yeast.

Patience is always needed in wine production. We age our wines for at least one year in various types of containers, such as oak and acacia barrels, concrete eggs, and earthenware amphorae. Then they rest in a bottle for at least another year. We do not filtrate our wines and we let them sediment by gravity. Thanks to this, they do not lose their aromatic compounds, and you have a unique opportunity to taste the unfiltered terroir Weinperky.